Charting the vertical future: Zury Duek

He contributes to Grupo Abadi’s real estate development with innovative practices, being a visionary in Tijuana-San Diego.

One of the main elements that architecture contributes to the service not only of the business community, but also of the entire economic ecosystem of a region is that, from functionality, standards are raised in the spaces of a city whose capital gains are increasing.

Following the vision of the founder of Grupo Abadi, Moises Abadi Entebi, Duek joined in 2013 to support the planning and execution of the development of New City Residencial.

From the beginning of his professional practice, he has been involved in projects that have led him to become a visionary of the application of new architectural forms and construction methods in Mexico, thus contributing to real estate development, specifically the vertical developments of the Tijuana-San Diego region.

For more than 40 years, Grupo Abadi has directed efforts to construction, forging along the way enormous growth and development in this and other sectors.

In 2018, NewCily Developers emerged, the official developer, construction and real estate company of Grupo Abadi, already positioned as a company in the country in terms of innovation and functionality as an architectural and health ecosystem. The most recognized project is NewCity Medical Plaza, which brings together different medical specialties, operating rooms, rehabilitation spas, luxury accommodation, a shopping area and a gastronomic area in Baja California.

Link Residencial is the most recent development from NewCity Developers, winner of the Luxury Lifestyle 2024 awards in the Best Luxury High-Rise Living category.

What are the expectations and challenges you see for the future of your profession in Baja California?

The standards are getting higher, which I love; This drives and motivates us to improve in every way. Tijuana is already a city that is beginning to raise its real estate expectations. And at the same time, the challenge is security uncertainty and political instability. The main goal is to be well grounded, since our projects are large scale with heavy investments, so a vision for the future with risk measurement is essential. As developers we want to continue investing in the city.