Control of your Home in the Palm of your Hand

We live in a digital age, where technology advances rapidly; Every day we have more control of things from the palm of our hand and having a home automation or smart home is part of the now.

But what is Home Automation? It is the way in which the set of systems and technologies that allow us to automate our home is called, turning it into what we know as a Smart Home.
Intelligently managing the systems and energy of our home are just some of the advantages it offers us, but there are many more.


Comfort:  The main advantage why we decided to opt for home automation is convenience, since it gives us remote access to all the systems and equipment that are part of our home. Control from the palm of our hand.

Security: Feeling safe is possible since advanced security systems are linked to this system and the local police station or private security company. In addition to the cameras and motion sensors, there are controlled accesses either with fingerprints or access cards, which makes it difficult for people outside the home to enter. Sleeping peacefully is possible.

Accessibility: Set schedules for automatic tasks; such as turning off the light, closing the door, operating your phone, to name a few, thus eliminating the need to perform these tasks manually.

Energy Efficiency: By being able to automatically control the lighting systems from the device with which we link using motion sensors and/or commands; Just as air conditioning and appliances generate significant energy savings.


The basic home automation devices are:

A mobile device: This can be from a smart watch, cell phone or tablet; This device will serve as our system control.
The brain of the system: This connects to our modem and will form our intranet. It is the most important.
WiFi network: since it not only provides us with internet but also allows us to have this automation system. It is important to have an antenna or access point (in addition to the modem) to strengthen the network.

Just as we can convert our home into a Smart Home, we can also purchase it on the market.

Currently, the housing offer in Tijuana is wide and finding your ideal house or condominium is possible.

If what you are interested in is purchasing a Smart Condo with an excellent location and the comfort that you enjoy so much, you should know that finding it is possible. At LINK Residencial we have different models that fit your needs.


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