LINK Residencial: A Luxury Icon in Tijuana, Awarded the Prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Award

In the vibrant city of Tijuana, an architectural landmark is redefining what it means to live in luxury. LINK Residential, the most recent project from NewCity Developers, is not only the tallest tower in the city, but also the most recent winner of the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle award in the High Rise Living category.

Luxury Lifestyle Awards is a global awards program based in New York that selects, recognizes, celebrates and promotes the best luxury products and services around the world for 16 years in more than 100 countries.

LINK Residencial is distinguished not only by its imposing height, but also by its unique design and world-class facilities. LINK residents enjoy spacious apartments, which not only offer the best layout in terms of square meters in the city, but also maximum comfort thanks to their luxury finishes.

The concept of ‘Smart Living’ is a reality at LINK, where modern technology is seamlessly integrated into each residence, offering a living experience. From advanced security systems to home automation, every detail has been designed to raise the quality of life of its inhabitants.

LINK’s location is also part of its appeal. Located in one of the most valuable areas of Tijuana, residents have easy access to the best services and entertainment that the city has to offer, while enjoying the tranquility and exclusivity that only LINK can provide.

The amenities at LINK Residencial are equally impressive and reflect the standard of luxury that the Luxury Lifestyle award seeks to recognize. With more than 15 luxury amenities, residents can enjoy a paddle tennis court, a fully equipped gym, a swimming pool and a jacuzzi, as well as networking areas, an event room and barbecue areas. These facilities not only provide comfort and entertainment, but also offer spaces for the personal and professional development of residents.

Additionally, LINK deeply values privacy and security, offering a discreet environment that ensures peace of mind for all residents.

This award not only celebrates LINK’s architectural and residential excellence, but also its positive impact on the community and real estate market. With more than 40 years of experience, Grupo Abadi and NewCity Developers continue to demonstrate their commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction, pillars that have cemented their reputation as a leader in the luxury market.

The Luxury Lifestyle award is a testament to LINK’s commitment to excellence, and a reminder that in Tijuana, luxury and sophistication have no limits. For those seeking a lifestyle without comparison, LINK Residencial offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the best that the world of luxury has to offer.