NewCity Developers real estate advisor Andrés Camacho Álvarez shares five keys when investing in real estate.

In a world where financial and investment decisions are increasingly complex, having the right guidance can make the difference between success and failure. In this context, wealth advisors emerge as key figures for those seeking to protect and grow their wealth.

Andrés Gilberto Camacho Álvarez is an experienced real estate advisor who explores his vision of the crucial role they play in today’s business landscape.

With training in marketing and graphic design from the UABC, Camacho Álvarez has dedicated his career to sales in various sectors. From retail to coordinating sponsorships with renowned soccer teams, he has accumulated extensive experience that has prepared him for his current role in the real estate market.

In January 2022, Andrés Camacho took the step into the world of real estate, where he found his true passion: helping entrepreneurs and individuals make informed decisions about their real estate investments. His approach goes beyond simply selling properties; It’s about understanding each client’s individual needs and ensuring they feel safe and confident in their decisions.

For Camacho Álvarez, the benefit of having a wealth advisor lies in the security and peace of mind they provide. “We take care of knowing what the client needs, we like them to feel confident about what they want to buy and to know honestly if they are prepared to purchase a luxury according to their needs.”

However, it has not been a road without challenges. Camacho Álvarez points out that one of his biggest challenges has been negotiating the purchase of medical offices, where each transaction presents its own complexities and particularities.

For those entrepreneurs who are considering investing in real estate, Camacho Álvarez offers five key tips:

1. Identify whether the purchase is for investment or residence and select the ideal location accordingly.

2. Take advantage of pre-sales, especially for investors, as they offer the best return on investment.

3. Evaluate at least three developments and choose the one that best suits your needs.

4. Thoroughly research the developer and their previous projects to ensure project quality and success.

5. Maintain open and constant communication with your wealth advisor to make informed and correct decisions.

Finally, Andrés Camacho shares valuable advice for his fellow advisors: “Do not deny yourself the opportunity to meet people who are dedicated to the same thing as you because in the future they can be your allies.”

His approach goes beyond selling property – it is about understanding each client’s individual needs and ensuring they feel safe and confident in their decisions.