NewCity Developers participated in the REBS Tijuana 2024 Congress

NewCity Developers CEO Zury Duek was present at the panel Medical Tourism: A Real Estate Approach to Leveraging a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry.

On Thursday, May 9, the exclusive REBS (Real Estate Business Summits)Tijuana congress was held at the Quartz Hotel facilities in NewCity Medical Plaza, which is responsible for connecting the business community in the real estate sector and promoting new business opportunities. Where the latest trends, challenges and opportunities in the city’s medical, industrial and residential tourism sectors were discussed, through business conferences, where more than 20 highly recognized speakers participated, highlighting the presence of Zury Duek Abadi, Architect of NewCity and General Director of NewCity Developers, who reaffirmed the need to continue the development of vertical projects in Tijuana, highlighting the strategic importance of these developments not only for the urban growth of the city, but also as catalysts for regional economic dynamism. In addition, Duek highlighted the potential for medical tourism in this area, underlining the competitive advantages offered by the border location with the United States.

This commitment to medical tourism not only attracts a wide range of visitors from the United States in search of quality and affordable medical services, it also promotes job creation and the development of specialized infrastructure. That approach not only strengthens Tijuana’s profile as a medical center of excellence, but also secures its position as a leader in urban and residential innovation in northern Mexico. Thus, Zury Duek’s message highlights a promising future, where vertical development and medical tourism are intertwined to promote the transformation of Tijuana into a model of progress and sustainability in the region.

In this way, the more than 250 leading attendees in the real estate sector were able to gain a deeper insight into how to adapt and thrive in a constantly evolving market, making REBS an essential event for real estate professionals and entrepreneurs interested in the future. from Tijuana.